United Humanity

10-05-2015 18:36

United Humanity

For Now Only A Dream

The World Isn,t Ready

But The Time Will Come

That It Will Be Reality

United Humanity 

Have You Ever Seen

That Muslims And Christians

Walk Side By Side

To A Collective

Together On The Ride

The Ride Of Brotherhood

The Ride That Should

The Ride That Will Come Real Soon

United We Stand

The Call For Freedom

United We Live

Brother To Brother

Sister To Sister

When We Are Ready

There Will Never

Ever And Ever

A Force Come Between

The Unwritten Words

From The Brotherhood Of Humans

Together We Will Stand

Together We Will Overcome

Together We Will Take Back Our Rights

Together We Will Use The Words



Not By Violence

Just With Words

United Humanity

Not Just A Dream

It Will Be Fact

Peace To All

Globaly And Never Seen

United Humanity

I Ask You All

Lets Make This Reality